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Leyla Otadi

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Usually cinema stars hardly show up in TV and whose who do work in serials rarely enter cinema or they would never do at all… but “Leyla Otadi” is active in both dimensions… we heard you are crazy about cars, what are you riding right now? I normally like SUV , earlier I had a white Land Cruise which my friends used to name as an ambulance… so I felt bad and I thought it actually doesn’t suit me . I sold it and got a smaller car. But driving it was not at all a fun for me. So I again sold it and bought a black Land Cruise. Lady Layla, what is your main motive and concern in life which you have always dreamed of doing something about it? Leyla Otadi: my main concern has always been doing something to stop the war. I have always felt bad for those who have a war in their country as we all have been touched somehow with war and its side effects. My childhood was passed by Iran- Iraq war. Maybe the war did not reach Tehran apart from its bombs and rockets I mean was not happening every day in Tehran, but still the stresses and white and red alarms were troubling everyone. I was always thinking how hard those days were and how much we were disturbed that time. Now you can imagine what all the south people were going through as they were involved in war every day. I always think of the disturbances we faced those day. Now you can imagine how they were living: those innocent children who lost their house and family, and those who were dealing with war every year. Not to mention that I have two movie scripts by myself that are both about war. We have heard that you are interested in psychology too. Yes, in fact psychology and history are two topics which I have read the maximum books about. Many people do not believe in psychology much, what about you? do you think psychology have affected your behavior and life? Lela Otadi: the is not true that some people say in 21st century there is nothing called psychology. I think if you want to understand the behavior of others, you need psychology, whatever you want to do, like doing a sport or a business or anything else, you need to be a good psychologist first. The more you know about this field, the more successful you would be. Suppose in our field, I myself have needed it as an actress in order to perform better in my role. You can never say psychology does not have a role or effect.

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