New photo of Hedieh Tehrani at the age of 42


Hedieh Tehrani   Hedieh Tehrani-03

Amazing photos of Hedieh Tehrani’s family : Mother, husband and sister. Hedieh Tehrani had a honorary role in a movie. The movie named as Ruze Mabada has been participated in the festival this year. Hedieh Tehrani had played in her own role by the end of this movie and has played with many immature actors and actresses. The preproduction stages of this project, named as “Sayeat Ra Ghab Migiram” has started and the shooting would start by the beginning of next year. The script was written by Alireza Motamed who had written the script of “Sahneh Jorm, Vorud Mamno” movie for Sheybani. Sayeat Ra Ghab Migiram is a social movie and the main role is a lady. Till today, only Hedieh Tehrani’s role has been confirmed. Tehrani who has produced Shybai’s movie, sent the request letter and permission letter for Sayeat Ra Ghab Migiram to Ershad Ministry and is waiting for their response these days. She has produced the long movie of Omid Bonakdar and Keyvan Ali Mohammadi (Shabaneh) and was the sponser in few other movies. ” pole Chubi” was her last movie in which she was acting . she has also played in “Farzand Sobh” movie which is going to be released very soon. “Sayehayat Ra Ghab Migiram is the fourth Movie of Ebrahim Sheybani for directing after ” Zahre Asal”, “Sahneh Jorm , Vorud Mamno” and “Hich Koja Hich Kas”. The last movie was released in Fitr Eyd who sold more than one billiards. Hedyeh Tehrani has played in her own role. This photo is the latest photo published from “Ruze Mabada” movie which is the first experience of Faezeh Aziz Khani in directing. This movie is taking the sounding edition these days and would be ready for Fajr Festival  by finishing the technical stages. Hedyeh Tehrani is playing in the role of herself in this movie, besides, Abas Kia Rostami ia also the directing counselor in this project. It is the story of a mother who wants to leave and her life has changed. But her family does not believe he. Shirin Agha Reza Kashi, Valiallah Aziz Khani, Vahid Aziz Khani, Majid Aziz Khani and Samira Madani are among the cast of this movie.

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