Niusha Zeighami and a different photo of her from 12 years ago

Niusha Zeighami

Niusha Zeighami has posted this photo and text which is about her first presence in front of the camera. A sequence from Dar Cheshme Bad serial

In a romantic narration through the camera of Master Jozani

PS:  my first presence in front of the camera

How much of your childhood dreams have come true untill today?

Very much. I can say i could stay away from the ordinary life of many people. People used to ask what do you want to do in futur and i always replied i want to be a writer or an actress. My mother showed me this from the notes i used to write back then . people say in the life skill workshops that you are what you think. But i say this is not enough . you got to do something about it. People in these modern spritual classes say to their audiences that they should focus on something and it will happen. But this is not the whole story. You have to take your first step. 

Niusha Zeighami