Niusha Zeighami and her new and different photos with her family and husband

Niusha Zeighami (2)

Niusha Zeighami (3)

The story of their marriage and how they met is more like a movie script. Although they had two different career but their love and affection have kept them together to have a happy life. Stay with us to know about their secret for having such a warm and happy family.  Niyosha Zeyghami: I believe you have to be born as an artist. And this is not something that you can get it in one day. On the other hand, art has a wide domain and one aspect of it is related to our career. Arash might be different in his career from mine, but I do see him as an artist. Like many other Isfahani people he was born as an artist. He understand the spirit and originality of arts, he is also a silver merchant and he is somehow involved with traditional and original arts. He is also interested in movie and cinema and usually watches movies till late night and it sometimes makes me angry. Due to his investments in for movies that he is doing these days, he is even more involved in this field of art.

Arash Pooladkhan: Niyosha has been always very sweet to me, I was always interested inn cinema but not for myself as I knew I do not have this talent in me. I always preferred to play the role of producer or sponsor in this career. I would never stop my wife from her progress in this field as I know she is very talented and I do my best to be a good support for her. Niyosha is very understanding and educated and I am very happy and lucky to have her in my life.  Niusha Zeighami

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