Niusha Zeighami : I would love to be a mother!

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Niyousha Zeyghami says that she does not get tensed when she imagines herself getting 60 years old, as she believes that aging in a part of your life. So she is very optimist about that age. She says she does not want the 60 year old Niyuosha to be disabled and helpless. Here is her interview on her personal life, motherhood and her emotions Niyousha Zeyghami has celebrated her 4th marriage anniversary recently and now she is talking about motherhood experience and the career she wants her baby to pick up. She also has an account in Instagram which she considers as a sociology center. She also mentions that she felt offended by few people for a couple of times. She then spoke about the activity which she loves to follow (her beauty center) Niyousha Zeyghami : I am never afraid of becoming a mother. I don’t know what we are following. Ladies in Hollywood are very concern about their body structure and still they never forget about becoming a mother. Most of them have 2 or 3 children. If anyone is excluding herself from becoming a mother, then she is doing such a crime to herself. This is the human nature. I also love this experience and I will never scape from it.   Niusha Zeighami