Photo: Ali Daei and his wife Mona next to TV actress


Maryam Amir Jalali is famous her comic serials like “Talkh o Shirin”, “Khaneh Be Dush”, “Motaham Gorikht” and etc. The actress who could show her talent in a very short time, became the most active actress in this genre when Reza Attaran left TV many of comedians like Lady Amit Jalali , also became more reserved and their absence is felt more than before. You were the most active actress in Comec serials in TV once, from past 4, 5 years back you have hardly played in serials. What is the reason for this absence? Maryam Amir Jalai: The first reason goes back to the gangs and groups which has formed in these years and each one is only thinking about its own members and they would only choose from them in case there is a serial or movie. They won’t think that there are other talented actors and actresses available for that particular role. The other form of the story is that a poor quality script is written and then a group is shaped based on that and they would select the cast and crew among their cousins and relatives and a cheap and stupid work is done that is named as serial and then it will be broad casted. People had more dignity and ethnic in the past and people wanted to make a movie which is interesting for the audience but this is not the same these days.  The relations are in such a way that people like me who is not connected to anyone, are kept away. If you look back to the old serials, you can see how many talented actors and actresses are sitting at home due to this lack of connection and they are wondering why they are not getting any offers but lady and Mr Bla Bla is acting in all the movies and serials.