Photos of Leyla Owtadi on the billboards of Iraq

Leyla Owtadi

The interesting point about this commercial billboard is that the commercial photo of Leyla Owtadi , the Iranian actress is used in it. It is not that rare to see the Iranian actors and actress’s photos on Arabic billboards. Earlier, the photos of Fariborz Arabnia with Mokhtar makeup and Mostafa Zamani with Yousof makeup had been used in the billboards. But the reason for using such photos was that their serials were broadcasted in Arabic TV channels which became really popular among the viewers. However,  the photos of Leyla have been used in such a circumstances that the Arab citizens have never seen her in any movies and it is unlikely that they have seen her in her Police role in Rahaei Serial, for example.

Leyla Owtadi was born in 1362 in Tehran. She was graduated from Art University of Tehran in architecture. She started her career with the movie ” Cheshman Siahh” directed by Iraj Ghaderi. Leyla Owtadi is playing in “Zakhm” Serial these days and has said many interesting facts about her interests. Can you believe that one person can be so professional is baking that her friends would call from other countries asking her to send them cookies?!

Leyla Owtadi, the famous cinema and TV actress is a great cook! But this is not all about her. She has many more talents as well. This cinema and TV actress, like many other girls is highly interested in shopping, beauty salons and cooking. Zakhm Serial is a social melodrama which has 12 episodes and is produces by Channel 3 and the social secretary of Police Department. Borzou Arjmand, Leyla Owtadi, Homayoun Arshadi, Amir Nouri, Mehrdad Ziayi, Faghiheh Soltani , … are acting in this serial. The director is Masoud Abparvar.