Photos of a villa in Lavasan that worth around 120 billiards


villa in Lavasan

villa in Lavasan-01

The most expensive villa in the neighborhood of Tehran is a villa that is around 7 thousand meters in Lavasan and have been estimated to worth 120 billiard tomans. In such a situation that properties and their business are not that much in demand in Tehran, villa owners and builders in the suburbs of Tehran and the north cities of the country, are still showing their villas for sell in the market. In the suburbs of Tehran, many of these builders have constructed many luxury and especial Villas and have been sold for 120 billiard tomans. Iran News, the dimensions of this 120 billiard toman worth Villa is about 7 thousand and the building isĀ  1200 square meter. The building of this villa has a steel- metal structure that has three floors, having 4 bedrooms, a working room, living room, 6 bathrooms, three kitchens, 5 parking, and two 75 meters balcony. Besides, for the security purposes, they have kept a watchman room and a CCTV and parking.

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