Photos of men aged 60 getting married to girls who are 13 years old!

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Forcing children for marriage in their childhood is a discrimination and injustice for the girls whose marriage experience would be filled with fear and discrimination for the rest of their lives, as they had been too young to analyze the complicated rules and regulations of marriage and what would be the proper reaction towards their spouse. Their young brides were busy experiencing the world around them and gaining the life skills when they were forced to get into a higher level of life. Childhood marriage in few countries like Afghanistan and some counties in middle-east and Africa is one of the most important issues that had involved many children. Other factors that had risked the lives of children are named as: malnutrition, lack of mother milking, orphanage, identity complications of illegal children, lack of medical services, and lack of education, illiteracy, physical and sexual abuse. As reported by UNISEF, childhood marriage, or early marriages is related with the marriage of children under the age of 18. Although both the boy and the girl are affected by the side effects of these early marriages, girls are the mostly the victims of these early marriages. Forced marriage is defined as a marriage in which one of the spouse or both of them are not willing to do so and are forcefully married to each other. Emotional and physical forces are the main factors in such marriages. In many African countries, like Nigeria, chad, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso, around 80 percent of the girls are forced to get married before they reach 18 years of age.

Foreign Policy Magazine had an analytic view to this sad and depressing issue in Afghanistan with the related photos.Afghan Brides