Photos of the prismatic football player


The players of Esteghlal football team who has left Tehran to Armenia on 14th of Tir on a 12 days camp in that country, as started taking memorial pictures with their fans during their practices and friendly matches. This is while, these pictures taken by our football players with women who are not wearing hijab can become a serious issue for them, hence they should be more picky and sensitive about their memorial photos. One the examples of these careless photos is the one in which the player of Esteghlal football team is shown with a lady wearing no hijab and holding his hands.
The prismatic football player who had been arrested for attending private parties and having illegal affairs was released on a bail. According to our sources, the hearing of this player was hold in a court and it was 60 minutes long. It was heard that a girl from Ahvaz who is working in an airline office has taken the responsibility of all the charges and has claimed that this football player has no rules in their crimes and all the alcoholic drinks are hers.