The reason why Elham Hamidi was so famous in Arab countries

Elham Hamidi

Elham hamidi mentioned that playing in religious movies has made hr popular in Arab countries and said: these movies were excessively appreciated by the viewers in Arab countries.

Hamidi said about her roles in historical movies : every actor has an ideal about any roles , my ideal was playing in different roles. As our movie scripts do not have many varieties, hence the historical roles give me this opportunity to experience new and different atmospheres.

She added: the historical roles have many attractions for me. maybe because these roles are very different from my real life and gives me a different experience .

This actress followed: I think this is interesting to every actor or actress. For me, the makeup, outfits, speeches and accents in the movies like “ Shahriar”, “ Hazrat Yousof”, “ Molke Soleyman”, and “ Mokhtarnameh” had an unparalleled experience and helped me to feel the acting in another perspectives.

Hamidi pointed out to this fact that broadcasting of these religious movies made her famous in Arab countries. She said: these movies and serials had an amazing appreciation from the viewers in thses countries. I always receive a lot of warm welcomes and attentions from the Arab citizens and that’s how I understand the importance of such serials in other countries.

She continued : I can mention the movie “ Be Range Aftab” and its valuable view on historical and religious works. The viewpoints of such movies are amazing and valuable as they make the viewers to return to such believes and see these serials from different perspectives, Besides,  watching and hearing a big part of the memories of such people trough these famous actors make them even more interesting and memorable.

Elham Hamidi