Reza Rouygari’s wife who is 26 years old talks about her father’s disagreement for this marriage!

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Karimi who is 26 years old and 43 years younger to Rouygari talks about how they met . I met Reza when I went for a welcoming/ Tara Karimi met Rouygari in shiraz and she claims that she never knew he was and actor when they met: I never thought he was an actor and I had never seen any movies from him before. Actually Reza was invited for an opening ceremony in shiraz and I was hosting him. I met him for the first time when I went to the airport to welcome him and pick him up. We started knowing each other during the days he was there in shiraz/ I got scared of him when I saw ” Boutique” / she continued: honestly I did not know that he was an actor till that time and he asked me to watch Boutique movie. I kind of got scared when I saw it and thought what if his actual character is like the one he had played so I did not pick up his calls for a while until the day he left me a message and then I asked him if his actual character is like that? And he replied that was just a role and then he recommended me to watch “Ejareh Neshinha” and then “Mokhtarnameh” . Tara Karimi was only 23 years old when they got married. She says about her family’s disagreement and unwillingness in this marriage: my father was not agree and my elder sister used to keep asking me what happened to you all of a sudden? You had another plans .. you said you never want to get married… but after all these difficulties we got married. Many people used to warn me and say Reza is at the age of your father and don’t marry him.Reza Rouygari