Reza Sadeghi birthday with his wife and daughter

Reza Sadeghi (2) Reza Sadeghi (3)

Reza Sadeghi, the Iranian pop singer, musician, songwriter, is originally from Bandar Abbas and was born at 26th of Mordad in 1358. Yesterday was his birthday and her daughter and wife celebrated his birthday. His friends also took a small party for him which you can see here. Here is a birthday with three of us and a lovely party… thank you Tiara and your lovely mother who calms me dawn in every minutes of my life… thank you all my dear friends who wished me on my birthday and proved one more time that love exists… besides I congratulate my daughter and all the decent Iranian girls on the Girls Day…. I passed one more year of my life and I wish my father rest in peace forever for telling my teacher to teach me love and nothing else… this is another birthday party with the Orchestra group.. I just can say thank you all for your love. Reza Sadeghi  has four sisters and one brother named as Mohammad Reza. He is originally from a city known as Minab.Reza Sadeghi