Rima Raminfar reveals the story of her parents’ divorce and the injuries it caused in her life

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The secret behind Rima Raminfar and Amir Jafari’s happy married life/ Rima Raminfar, Amir Jafari’s wife is successful in both personal and professional life.  It has been 20 years that they have got married and they have a son. I called her once and she was on a trip to Shiraz and she was leaving to Kish Island from there. But she promised me that she would call me as soon as she gets back to arrange for an interview. She always keeps her words and that’s adds to her good habits. / You have a lovely family and has made a very good couple with Amir Jafari among other cinema couples. You must have heard that many young couples have a very short married life and they get divorce very easily. How do you think you can have a long lasting married life?

There are many experts and investigators that have worked in this field and I am not capable of giving any scientific reasons in this matter. But thinking that I have kept my family together for 20 years and other could not do the same is painful for me. I can’t judge people and say if two people are together, they are surly happy. I believe that there are as many various relationships in the world as the number of people exist on this planet.

Rima Raminfar