Sam Derakhshani wedding ceremony

Sam Derakhshani (2)

To be hunest I have never been pressurized by my family to get married and they have left this decision to me. During these years, I have been trying to get fixed and stable in my career and get settled financially. Luckily I am reaching where I always wanted which is safe and sound and now I can add one more person to my life and support her properly. At the end of the day, having a family would have many responsibilities. It is not easy to take the responsibility of someone else, unless you have the facilities and opportunities to do so… thank God that I could get settled in my career and financially fit after these years of hard work and now I can get married and have my own familt. Hopefully I will get married in the coming year. Sam Derakhshani took up an acting class in Samandarian institte and came into the world of acting by playing in “Shab Zadegan” serial. After that he continued his career by acting in Behesht Abi, Hamsafar, Khaneh Pedari, Delbakhteh, Salhaye Barfo Banafshe and Ma chand Nafar and Rouzhaye Ziba and Naborde Ranj. Hame Chiz Anjast is his lasted serial in which Derakhshani has a different character. This serial has been produced by Davood Hashemi and scripted by Firoozeh Ghashghaii and directed by Shahram Shah Hosseini. It was produced for channel three in national TV.  

sam derakhshani (2) sam derakhshani