Selling new born babies with incredible price in Tehran

Inside India's First Bonafide Baby Factory

Inside India’s First Bonafide Baby Factory

New born babies are sold for 100 thousand Tomans in Tehran!
Fatemeh Daneshvar, the head of social committee of Islamic council in Tehran mentioned the fact about new born babies being sold in south Tehran and cleared : unfortunately the reports show that street girls and prostitutes would show up to a hospital in south Tehran and sell their child for 100 or 200 thousand tomans . she also mentioned that most of these children are infected with HIV virus. and said: presently we have identified few hospitals around which such children are being sold. Not to mention that the officials of these hospitals are nowhere wrong in this matter. Daneshvar added: despite of repetitive efforts of hospital social workers for getting in touch with Behzisti organization , nothing has happened for stopping this issue. The member of Islamic council of Tehran mentioned : those children being born from such street mothers and addicts are bought by different bands for begging and such, would not live long due to lack of good nutrition and being infected by different viruses and diseases.