Se*ual harassment of an employee by her colleague in front of their coworkers

employee (2) employee (3)

Se*ual harassment of a young lady

These photos are taken from a CCTV in a private company and were submitted to the police department in which a r*pist man is shown. The young employee of a company was s*xually harassed by an unknown man while her coworkers did nothing but walking off. The police started their investigations once the young lady complained about this unknown man. They said about the day in which this incident happened that : we were at work when this incident happened and we are about to take the sheep for grazing when we saw Laleh with a man. We took her out of this man’s hands and took her to a wild land nearby and we both harassed her there. Laleh was trying to stop us but she could not resist and so she gave up. We then let her alone and left her there. The nest session of the court has been set for the time when the investigations of the police is over. Laleh was present in the first session of the court and submit her complain. She said: the day that this incident occurred, I was out to keep the house for rent. The boy whom I loved was also with me.  employee