Siavash Kheirabi says about himself, his career, and his marriage

Siavash Kheirabi, is one of the young actors of Iran TV who has been noticed by most of the viewers of the magic box. He was known as the newest star in TV by acting in “Taraneh Madari” serial directed by Hassan Siheili Zadeh. He now plays in another role in “Avaye Baran” serial. Siavash has shown that he is getting mature in acting by acting in the role of Farid who has a serious and bitter personality and you can count on him as a talented actor. Since he has done a very good job in this serial in the role of Farid , we now have an interview with him in his house about many different topics. From the circumstances in Cinema industry to the story of his cooperation with Hossein Soheili Zade and his brother.

Why did you enter the acting career ? Did you intended to play in TV or Cinema was your aim?

I think the first priority is Cinema for any actor or actress. I started with TV. But Cinema parties and bands did not allow me and people at my age to reach the place we deserve.

What do you mean by these parties and bands?

I mean there are many people in the cinema industry who have a strong influence and you’re their own people for the movies and would never give a chance to people like me. There are few people who has been playing in the roles of teenagers for years when they are too young for such roles now. And that is when we have many young actors and actresses who can play in such roles easily.

Siavash Kheirabi Siavash Kheirabi-01