Elma , the 37 year old sister of Ronaldo

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Elma , the 37 year old sister of Ronaldo is trying to prove that her brother is not the only one who has a beautiful and fit body. According to this report, Elma has said that his brother was not aware of her plan in publishing her half naked photos in a magazine. And as a reason for her action she explained that she already knew he would not agree with her decision . Elma Averio is presently living with her husband and her only child. Ronaldo has scored 61 goals in 54 games and hence he is having one of his best seasons, however, the rumors about his personal life made him to tape a video to tell all his fans not to listen and believe what media publish about him. He said in the video: ” hello fans, this message is for you all. Thank you all for your supports. It was a very difficult year for me but you always stood by me. You showed your loyalty. I am taking rest here and my son is swimming in the pool behind me. I thought to tape this video , I don’t know why. Don’t ask me about the reason. I never talk for media. I never speak about my personal life. I would like to use this opportunity and make it clear that some media channels have recently tried to talk sh*t about me; every day they talk about me getting a new girlfriend or I have done this or that. I ask all of them to leave me alone. Allow me to do my job the best way I can like I always did.sister of Ronaldo