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Miranda Care, the Australian super model has recently spoke about her close relationship with her family especially her 77 year old grandmother. As reported by Persian We this 30 year old model has one son and said in an interview with the new magazine named as Cliques that her grandmother is her biggest inspiration in fashion and style. Miranda who was the first star in the cover page of this magazine, shared few secrets of fashion and her cloths. She explained that her girlish style goes back to her childhood. / she said: ” my grandmother has an amazing style and has inspired me a lot. something that has left in me is that fashion does not need to be expensive or complicated. You just need to dress up nicely and have confident. ” Miranda Care who took a photo with her mother and grandmother last year for an Australian journal named as weekly magazine for ladies, said that: ” my mother and grandmother are two string ladies I have ever seen in my life. They are the resources of power and strength in my li9fe.” Now that she has become a mother, she says that her two year old son, fillip, is her love of life.  As reported by Persian We, she said in the interview with Clique that: ” giving birth to my son was the best event of my life .My favorite time is when we sit and laugh together. He is very joyful. I have changed my priorities since I have become a mother and I set my work schedule in such a way that I can be sure my son is the first priority. When I reach back home from work, or when I am off, I want to spend all my time with him.” Although this gorgeous model with black hair is still in the list of the top models but she says that this is true that I am a working mother but this has not affected her style and dressing style. ” My style is in fact more comfortable and more simple than before . two year old kids occupy mothers time that my flat shoes collections are more than high heels now.!”

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