S*x reassignment surgery of a man aged 25 into a beautiful Girl

Jiana Lopez (2)
Jiana Lopez (4)

This boy had been dreaming of becoming a girl since childhood and he could make it come through. Jiana Lopez aged 25, is originally from New Jersy, America, has been injecting feminine hormones since four years back and has done many surgeries. Unfortunately he could not fnish his treatment in this s*x reassingment surgery as these sort of surgeries are quiet expensive in America. The young male humans are called boys. Even the male children are also called boys. The married ones would carry the same title. The title “boy” can refer to their real gender or its thier social role.  the world man or boy describes an individual who looks like male human being in his appearance and menetal status.

In non-persian languages there are normally two words used for boys. Suppose son is the word for male children in english eventhough they are not young. And boy is used for the young male human beings. In persian language, the male human beings are called boys till the time they get married and they would be called men if they get married.Jiana Lopez.Jiana Lopez (3)