The death of a 17 year old youngster who looked like a 100 year old man! + photo

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Hayley Okines who is famous as the 100 year old youngster for her social activities in giving the awareness of Progeria or the syndrome of premature aging, died on Thursday. Hayley who was admitted to a hospital for Pneumonia. Hayley published her biography at the age of 14 and had different speeches in different ceremonies about her disease and her condition. Doctors had told this teenager that she would not make it any longer than the age of 13 years, however, using a new drug she could live for 17 years. The Progeria Hachilson- Gilford syndrome extremely step up the process of aging and the people who suffer from this type of disease get involved in other complications like cardiovascular disease, slowing down the development process, hair loss, and lesson the amount of fat in the body. There are 124 kids suffering from this disease all over the world. Rice is reach with Vitamin B that stimulate the process of growth and enhancing the cells. Besides it slows down the process of aging. In order to avoid this premature aging and for saving the present look and texture of the skin, Japanese ladies wear rice facial masks: this mask is made of milk, rice and honey that make your skin glowing and soft. Directions to prepare the mask: 2 to 3 spoons of soften rice/ rice should be washed and we need to cook it to make it soft and ready for using for the mask. Do not throw out the water of the cooked rice and keep it in a separate bowl for future use. Then we add one spoon of warm milk and then we add one spoon of honey. Steer it properly/ apply a thick layer of it on your face and neck parts. Wash your face with the water of rice after thirteen minutes. Along with the benefits of rice for skin, you can also benefit from the water of this rice. This water contains Antioxidant, which hydrates your skin. You can keep the water in the fridge for four days. You can also use this water as a body lotion. Besides, you can use ice cubes for massaging your face.

The death of a 17 year old youngster who looked like a 100 year old man