The famous football player and his extramarital affair with his sister-in-law


Rayan Gigz has been playing in Manchester United team since 1990 and he is the coach assistant of the team now. He has been titled as the most honorable football player of Britain history. He was selected as the best player of the England football history¬† in a survey taken by England Football unity website in 2012. Although he was very suucessful in football and his career, hut he was not that lucky in his personal life and made his family embarrassed. The height of his shameful actiions goes back to the time when it was heard everywhere that he is having a secret affair with his sister in law “Natasha”, however he regrets and has appologised his wife. He announced in his interview with Sun Magazine that he had this secret relationship with Natasha for 8 years. He is ashamed of his actions now and said: ” it was a big mistake i risked my relationship with my wife amd brother to have this shameful relationship with her. ”

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