The heaviest man on earth, lost 300 kilograms

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Paul Mayson was titled as the heaviest man on earth with a weight of 445 kilograms, not many years ago. This British man could lost 300 kilograms in 5 years with his strong will power. Paul Mayson did a bypass surgery on his stomach five years ago which was followed by a heavy diet. Although, he had lost 300 kilograms, he is still not able to walk on his feet and hence he is using wheelchair. His muscles are too weak to tolerate his weight. None of the doctors in England is ready to do a plastic surgery for him for the extra and loosen skin of this 54 year old man. This has made a lot of issues for this former ” heaviest man on earth”. Our skin has two layers, Epidermis ( outer layer) and Dermis ( inner layer). The wrinkles are made in the inner layer which is named as Dermis. Dermis is made of Collagen fibers and proteins. As we get older, our body produces lesser collagens and this collagen is what that makes our skin elastic and smooth. Due to the existence of collagen in our body, the skin would have lesser wrinkles. There are many factors contributing to this process. Some of these factors are: sun burns, smoking, dehydration of the skin, malnutrition, facial expressions ( laughing, seeing with eyes have opened and etc. ), pollutions and poisons, natural aging and sleeping on your half face ( when you place your cheeks on the pillow). Eat fatty fishes/ fatty fishes like ( Tuna fish, salmon, Mackerel) can keep you healthy and make your skin look young. These fishes contain long chains of omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for long lasting health./ experts say: omega-3 fatty acids are good for nutrition and keeping the skin glowing and young.  300 kilograms