The longest tongue in the world belongs to an 18 year old American Girl

18 year

Adrian Luis claimed that her tongue is 10.16 cm long and said: I can touch my nose, chin and even my eyes with my tongue. This American girl has recently spoken to the officials of Guinness record and she is waiting for them to record her tongue as the longest one in the world. Adrian also said: my mother’s tongue and my grandparents’ had also a long tongue. And she might have got this from them. Presently, “Nike Stubrel” is holding the title for having the longest tongue which is 9.9 cm long. The shortest lady on earth took a big step to sit next to Brahim Takioullah ! Jyoti Amge, who is only 61 cm height met Takioullah, who has the largest feet on earth. His feet was 38 Cm long. Her feet are four times larger than Jyoti’s who is only 19 years old. Lady Amge’s feet who is 19 years old now and originally from Nagpur, look very small comparing with the feet size of the Moroccan man aged 31 year old and 2 meters and 46 centimeters height, titled as the second tallest man on earth. They both stood by each other in front of camera men with the huge difference in their heights. As reported by Nik Salehi their photo has been posted in Guinness book. The competition of the most incredible feet is one of the biggest online competitions and more than 50,000 pair of feet participated by uploading the photo of their feet to create an album with these photos.   xx81ghe2gwn4zzhl21ou