The reason behind the famous celebrity’s suicide was revealed + photo


The reason for Robin Williams’ suicide, the Hollywood comedian / Susan Williams said in her first interview one year after the death of the famous actor of ” Dead Poets Society” that : Robin was not killed by depression and he had a disease which was destroying his envious system and brain. Robin Williams who was mostly famous for the positive and comic movies like ” Page Adams”, “dead poets society” and ” what dreams are coming”, hanged himself in his house in August 2014 in California. Susan Williams clarified in her latest interview with “People” magazine that : it was not depression that killed Robin. Depression was one of the 50 symptoms of his disease which was still in its early stages. As reported by Guardian, she also said that Robin Williams was suffering from a brain disease named as Dementia with Lewy Bodies in which the brain neurons slowly deteriorate and cause motor dysfunctional in the individual. DLB is now the second most common brain disease which affects the brain functioning after Alzheimer. It also causes hallucinations and motor and cognitive difficulties. .