The weird creature of Karachi Zoo, Half woman, half fox

fox (2)

The weirdest creature of the world, Karachi zoo is one of the tourist attractions of Pakistan and there are thousands of people visiting it every year. But this zoo is not only famous for its animals, and it has something else to expose. As a part of Karachi zoo, there is place which is known as Momtaz Mahal and this name has written on top of the doorway. There is a mysterious fox inside which has a human head. It has been many years that the fox is entertaining the people vising the zoo. Keeping aside all these information, this is a mad whose head is placed on top of a fox body who has the weirdest job in the world. This man has changed during all these years, and he has to wear ladies makeup and scarf every day and sit under the special table. In this position, his head would beplaces exactly on top of  the fox body. Choosing men for this job is quite interesting. The president of this zoo says that men have better social skills and speech capabilities in compare with women which can entertain people.