The weird hijab of lady lawmaker in front of Larijani

Larijani (2)

We still don’t know how it is possible to see the reduction of Hijab restrictions in a meeting hosted by Ali Larijani while meeting the European committee. Today when Elmar Broke, the Chairman of the EU parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, met Ali Larijani, the lady representative of EU appeared in a weird hijab in front of the Iran’s Parliament Speaker. The EP parliament members entered Iran headed by Elmar Broke who was accompanied by 7 other members. After their meeting with Ali Larijani , they also had a meeting with Alaeddin Broujerdi, the Chairman for the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran. We still don’t know how the standards of Hijab can decline so much in a meeting with Ali Larijani. Ali larijani was born in the year 1336 in Najaf, Iraq. He is the son of Shia clergy, Haj Mirza Hashen Amoli, the grandson of Seyyed Mohsen Nabavi Ashrafi and the son in law of Morteza Motahari. Larijani finished his elementary and high school in Ghom and then he was graduated from Sharif University in the year 1358 in Bachelor of Computer Science. As per the recommendations of Morteza Motahari, he changed his field and tried to pursue his studies in Western philosophy for Maters and Ph.D. degree. Dr. Ali Larijani has many publications in different areas such as three books in Kant philosophy and 15 research articles in different areas of science. After the revolution in Iran, as per the recommendations of Morteza Motahari, he joined TV and Radio organization and he became the  head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and the central office of TV and Radio in Iran.  Larijani