These juices are anti-cancer and prevents cardiovascular disorders


Seyyed Morteza Safavi, the nutritionist, spoke about the benefits of having fruit juices. He mentioned: generally fruits are way better that juices and consuming fruits would be much more beneficial to our bodies. Especially those people suffering from constipation, as fruits are very rich with fibers and they can prevent constipation. He followed: the fruit juices with yellow and orange color are rich in vitamin A and Antioxidants ( like cantaloupe and mango juice). These juices are anti-cancer and prevents cardiovascular disorders. Safavi said about the consumption of fruit juices by diabetic patients that: these patients should avoid those juices containing sugar like cantaloupe , mango, or water melon juice. Instead, they can use those juices which have fiber and less sugar, like pomegranates, apple or cheery. In case of children, Safavi said: children above 6 months of age are allowed to have any kind of juices they want, besides having some particular fruits like carrot or cantaloupe can enhance the process physical grown and their IQ level. The researchers of North Umbria university realized that those people consuming 60 ML of black cherry with water could reduce their blood pressure up to 7 percent in three hours.