The uproarious divorces of Iranian cinema super stars

, Amir Gafarmanesh and shadravan Poopak Goldareh , Farzad Hasani and Azadeh Namdari

The list of the cinema super stars’ names who married for a while and then got divorced:

Nima Banki and Lili Rashidi, Sousan Taslimi and Darioush Farhang, Khosrow Shakibai and Tania Jphari,Aydin Aghdashloo and Shohreh Aghdashloo, Abolfazl Poor Arab and Anahita Nemati, Babak Riahipoor and Mahtab Keramati, Yousof Moradian and Sara Khoiniha, Fariborz Arabnia and Ateneh Faghih Nasiri and Asal Badi’, Farahnaz Manafi Zaher and Hossein Moheb Ahari, Behrouz Baghaii and Parasto Golestani Afarin Chitsaz and Ali Dehkordi, Akram Mohamadi, and Majid Jafari, Kourosh Tahami and Shabnam Toloii, Amir Gafarmanesh and shadravan Poopak Goldareh, Atefeh Razavi and Mehrdad Shekar Abi, Mina Lakani and Amin Zebdegani, Sharareh Rokham and Farhad Gharib (Steven Rosh), Elham Charkhandeh and Farshid Navabi, Farzad Hasani and Azadeh Namdari.

Many people may not know that Khosrow Shakibai started his career in doubling in 40s and in he was not that successful in this field so he approached to theatre. It took him many years return to cinema by the movie “Khate Ghermez” directed by Masood Kimiaii. Tania Johari was also a theatre actress during 50s. this relationship that ended in marriage was not that news breaking that time as they were both freshers in this career and got their fame few years after their divorce.

Farhang and Taslimi met in the Piadeh Theatre Group , and after years of their marriage they got a chance to play the role of spouse in the movie “ Shayad Vaghti Digar” directed by Bahram Beyzaii. Taslimi shifted to Sweden after this movie with her child and today she is one of the well known theatre actresses in Sweden while Darioush Farhang stayed back and continued his career as director and actor till today.

Once they got married, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia and Azita Hajian had two daughters named Mehraveh and Melika. They both got married after the divorce , Mohammad Reza Sharifinia married Rose Razavi and Azita married on of her college classmates.

Abolfazl Poor Arab and Anahita Nemati Afarin Chitsaz and Ali Dehkordi Akram Mohamadi, and Majid Jafari Aydin Aghdashloo and Shohreh Aghdashloo

Aydin Aghsashloo who is a master painter, graphic specialist and a writer, married Shohreh Aghdashloo after an unsuccessful marriage many years back while he had a daughter named Tara. Shohreh played in the movies “ Soote Delan” directed by Ali Hatami and Gozaresh by Abbas Kiarostami and received a lot of attention for these roles and was turning into a well known actress.

Shohreh Aghdashloo is a famous actress today by acting in the movie “ Khanei Az Shen Va Meh” and being nominated for Oscar Awards. She got divorce from Aydin and married again and God gave her a daughter whose name is Tara. Shohreh Aghdashloo has always remembered her life with Aydin as a happy period of her life.

When Abolfazl Poor Arab married Anahita Nemati, he was a famous actor, while Anahita was a fresher in her career by acting in the movie named “Hiva” directed by Rasool Molagholipoor and was known as a talented and beautiful actress. It has been 8 years since they got divorced.

Babak Riahipoor is one of the most famous Iranian musicians who is specialized in playing Bass Guitar and is playing Rock Music now. Mahtab Keramati entered cinema by acting in the movie “Mardi Az Jense Bolour” in 1377. Interestingly Riahipoor has entered cinema sooner than Keramati.

He played for the movie “Fateh” in 1374 which he did not continue any more afterwards while Mahtab Keramati followed her career seriously in cinema and TV and became a popular actress very soon. Now she lives alone and is extremely busy in a designing production of cloths as well as acting and UNISEF activist. These two actors, who used to live together under the same roof once, continued their career in Cinema and TV till now.

These three actors are too famous to be introduced. Fariborz Arabnia married Ateneh Faghih Nasiri and Asal Badi’ respectively and them got divorced. Arabnia who is famous for his roles in Masood Kimia’s movies like “Soltan” and “Ziafat” has also played in a movie about divorce. He has got a divorce from his wife (Niki Karimi) in the movie “Hezaran Zan Mesle Man” and violates her right as a guardian of their child. Ateneh Faghih Nasiri who has played in many movies and serials, grabbed all the attentions by acting as “Khaleh Sara” in TV serial. Asal badi’ started her career by acting in the movie “Budan Ya Nabudan” directed by Kianoosh Ayari.

It has been few years now that Lili Rashidi  and Nima Banki has got divorced. If you don’t remember Nima Banki in the movie “Pride Tehran Yazdah”, you would probably remember him in the Samsung TV commercials, wearing a suit or Brazil national team T-shirt, while putting his leg out of LCD. This couple have a son who lives with his mother and Rashidi family.

This couple decided for marriage little before New Year in 1393. These two actors have recently restarted their career after years of separation from acting, by acting in the serial named Parvaneh directed by Jalil Saman in while they were acting together in last spring.

Charkhandeh also starred in the TV serial called Avaye Baran which was played in channel three.

Azadeh Namdari has publicized her divorce from Farzad Hasani after 3 months and officially mentioned it in an interview. From past three months, there many rumors heard about this divorce. The news about the most controversial marriage in which the bride was “Azadeh Namdari” and the groom was “Farzad Hasani” and the mullah was Seyed Hassan Khomeini was the most popular news in the year 92.

They officially announced their marriage by presenting in a concert together in Iran.

Babak Riahipoor and Mahtab Keramati Elham Charkhandeh and Farshid Navabi Fariborz Arabnia and Ateneh Faghih Nasiri and Asal Badi’ Khosrow Shakibai and Tania Jphari Kourosh Tahami and Shabnam Toloii Mina Lakani and Amin Zebdegani mohammad reza sharifinia and azita hajian Nima Banki and Lili Rashidi Sharareh Rokham and Farhad Gharib ( Steven Rosh) sima tir andaz and mehdi hashemi soozheh-02 soozheha soozheha-01 Sousan Taslimi and Darioush Farhang Yousof Moradian and Sara Khoiniha